15 Must Have Kitchen Items

Posted by Abby on 4/3/2013
1. Fry Pans At least two good fry pans are necessary if you are planning on cooking. Stainless or nonstick are definitely the way to go. 2. Sauce Pans It's good to have at least one of these around, stainless is your best choice! 3. Stock Pot A good pot, large or small, is always good. You never know when you might need it! 4. Colander/Strainer This is always great to have for straining pasta or washing fruits and vegetables! 5. Knives A good set of knives is always necessary when cooking! Knives aren't something you want to go cheap on either. Good knives make food preparation so much easier and they last so much longer. If you can't afford a block of knives, you at least need the three essentials.. a serrated knife (good for slicing bread and tomatoes), a 8"-10" chef's knife, and a paring knife (great for multipurpose). 6. Cutting Boards It's always good to have at least two cutting boards on hand. One for raw meats and one for cooked food and produce! 7. Mixing Bowls Mixing bowls are always something to have in the kitchen. You can easily find sets for a good price! 8. Measuring Cups and Spoons If you plan on cooking, you definitely want to have measuring spoons and cups! Plastic, stainless, or glass.. the choice is yours! 9. Thermometer Thermometers are always great to have around when cooking meat to be sure the inside is fully cooked! 10. Utensils Obviously you are going to need cooking utensils! Some of the must haves: a spatula (nylon if you have a nonstick fry pan), a scraper, a whisk, a peeler, a large spoon, a wooden spoon, kitchen shears, and tongs! 11. Bakeware The most important bakeware items a kitchen needs is at least one 9" x 13" baking pan, baking sheets, a casserole dish or two, muffin pans, and at least one round cake pan. 12. Storage Containers These are definitely necessary, not only for storing leftovers, but any unused ingredients as well! 13. Slow Cooker/Crock Pot This is probably one of the greatest inventions for cooking! So useful! Be sure to get one that is the right size for your family. 14. Electric Hand Mixer If you like to bake, you need one of these! You can find these for very good prices as well! 15. Blender Blenders are always handy for blending up smoothies, frozen drinks, or salsa!