Posted by Abby on 6/3/2013
A molcajete is a Mexican mortar and pestle made out of volcanic rock. This cookware has been around for thousands of years, and most Mexican people pass down their molcajetes to their children and grandchildren. They only get better with use -- molcajetes absorb flavors and put that back into whatever you're currently making. But they need to be well-seasoned and smooth so there is no danger of shedding lava rock into your food. Seasoning your molcajete 1. Soak the molcajete in water for a few hours. 2. After the molcajete is dry, take a small handful of rice and pound it into the molcajete until the rice turns into a grey powder. Repeat this process until the rice no longer looks grey, but white. 3. Take some garlic, cumin seeds, rock salt, and cilantro and smash it into the molcajete to create a paste. Let this sit overnight so the flavors will be absorbed. 4. Your molcajete should be ready to use the next day! Guacamole Ingredients - 1 large clove garlic - 12 leaves cilantro - 1 large ripe but firm avocado - 12 crystals of rock salt - 1 tbsp lime juice - 1/3 cup peeled, deseeded, finely chopped and drained cucumbers - freshly ground mixed peppercorns Directions 1. Mash the garlic in the bottom of the molcajete, then crush the cilantro leaves. 2. Mix in pulp from avocado and follow with a scattering of the rock crystals. 3. Pour in the lime juice, add cucumbers, and give a few good twists of pepper. 4. Stir together and serve from the molcajete with tortilla chips!