6 Most Common Grilling Mistakes

Posted by Abby on 6/30/2013
1. When cooking burgers, chicken, and steaks, it's best to not cook over direct heat. Indirect grilling is the secret. Slower cooking means juicier meats! 2. When bar-b-queing, but put sauce on too soon. Sugar burns, so apply sauce when meat is almost ready! 3. A lot of people like to flip burgers multiple times and flatten them down. This is not good. Over flipping and pressing on them releases the juices. Flip once and don't flatten! 4. Direct heat is good for searing.. hot and fast cooking! It locks in the flavors. But don't leave it on too long! 5. Cutting into meat to check doneness, not a good idea. Juices seep out when you slice open the meat, which results in dryness. Test doneness with a meat thermometer instead. 6. Last but not least - Clean your grill before or after EVERY use! Burnt on residue from previous foods make meat stick! When your grill is hot use a metal brush to clean it.