Pots and Pans Every Kitchen Needs!

Posted by Abby on 4/15/2013
1. Fry Pans It's good to have at least one nonstick fry pan and one stainless steel fry pan. An average size being about 10" or 12". Nonstick is good for eggs, pancakes, and sauteing. Stainless is good for searing or browning meats! 2. Large Stock Pot A good size pot to have in the home is an 8 qt or 10 qt (unless you will be cooking for a lot of people). Stock pots are great for soups, pasta, stock, boiling corn and lobster! Both aluminum and stainless steel are good. 3. Sauce Pan Sauce pans are great for soups, sauces, gravies, and mashed potatoes. A good average size is a 3 qt or 4 qt, and be sure to buy one that comes with a lid. Also, stainless is the way to go with sauce pans, and make sure the walls are as thick as the bottom for even heat distribution! 4. Steamer This one is easy.. it's good for steaming vegetables! 8 qt to 10 qt is a good size. 5. Cast Iron Skillet Cast iron cookware is always great to have around! A skillet is nice because it comes in handy for shallow frying, searing, AND baking.. seeing as you can put cast iron in the oven as well!