Roasted Red Salsa

Posted by Abby on 5/7/2013
Ingredients - 16 full size tomatoes, or nearly a produce bag full of Roma tomatoes. - 2 to 3 yellow onions - 20 to 25 Serrano peppers (remove caps) NOTE: this many peppers makes it hot, reduce the number of peppers for a more mild salsa. - 8 to 10 cloves of garlic - 1 to 2 tbsp salt - 1 to 2 bunches of cilantro Directions 1. Cut tomatoes and onions in half and lay cut-side up on a cookie sheet along with peppers and garlic. 2. Roast at 375F until the onions look translucent, tomatoes look soft, and peppers are getting char on them. 3. Let everything cool, then run through the food processor/blender with salt and cilantro. 4. Stir all together and enjoy!!