Snacks & Drinks for the 4th!

Posted by Abby on 6/26/2013
If you are planning on throwing a 4th of July party or plan on attending one, here are some fun, festive snacks and drinks to serve! SNACKS 1. Finger sandwiches cut-out in star shapes! 2. Fruit kabobs -- Use strawberries/raspberries for red, blueberries for blue, and you can either dip some fruit in white chocolate or use marshmallows for the white! 3. Sugar cookies with red/white/blue sprinkles cut into star shapes! 4. Dip strawberries halfway into white chocolate, and then dip the tip of the strawberry after that into blue sprinkles! 5. Cut bananas in half, put each half on a stick, dip in white chocolate then sprinkle red and blue sprinkles - freeze. Delicious, cold, sweet treat! DRINKS 1. Red, White, & Blue Punch Ingredients - Cranberry juice -Gatorade Frost - 7-up - Ice Directions 1. In a glass or large drink dispenser.. fill with ice. Pour in cranberry juice first, followed by Gatorade blue frost. Be sure to pour gently so it will not mix with the cranberry. Pour 7-up on top, again gently. 2. This will create a drink with red, white, and blue stacked on top of each other! Yummy and festive! 4th of July Spritzer Ingredients - 1 lb strawberries - 1 lb blueberries - 2 large apples - 48 oz 7-up or Sprite - 24 oz lemonade Directions 1. Slice apples in large, thin slices. Use a star cookie cutter to cut into stars. 2. Pour 7-up/Sprite into large pitcher/drink dispenser, followed by lemonade. 3. Add ice, blueberries, and strawberries (cut in half) to pitcher. ENJOY!