The Complete User Guide to Commercial 2-Door Cooler

Posted by on 1/10/2023

Most restaurants and food shops have cooling equipment for storing and maintaining their products' coolness and freshness. Commercial coolers allow them to store food at the optimum temperature to keep it safe and meet food safety regulations.  

In this blog, we will talk about commercial 2-door coolers and their advantages. 

What is a commercial 2-door cooler? 

A commercial cooler is a self-contained or remote-condensing machine that uses a vapor compression refrigeration system and is designed to store food and beverages to retain the quality of the items by maintaining a constant temperature.

They usually come with a 2 door design and contain evaporators and condensers to keep the internal storage area cold. These types of industrial coolers are primarily used in the food service industry.

How do commercial coolers work? 

Commercial 2-door coolers operate at various temperatures between 0 and 13 degrees Celsius. An evaporator, a compressor, and a condensing coil are components of commercial cooler units. A continuous refrigerant flow travels from the compressor to the condenser, through the evaporator to the expansion device, and back to the compressor.

The commercial cooler's refrigerant absorbs heat from items inside and releases it through condensation and evaporation. The heat is dispersed into the air, cool water, or outside the building. 

While compressors are sometimes found on the top of reach-in coolers, they can be found on the bottom compressors of coolers.

Reach-in coolers with compressors at the top are less likely to gather dust and become blocked. If you are aware of this, you might only need to get the appliance serviced occasionally.

Benefits of using commercial 2-door coolers

  1. Saves electrical energy

One of the significant benefits of a commercial 2-door cooler is that it helps save a considerable amount of electrical energy. Additionally, regular maintenance ensures that they operate efficiently and for a long time without consuming excessive electricity.

The cooling equipment is maintained in a way that makes energy savings and energy efficiency a priority. Make sure to do the servicing properly. Employ a technical expert and skilled staff if you need help to complete the service work. 

  1. It saves a significant amount of money.

One of the benefits of commercial cooling systems is their energy efficiency compared to alternative options. Naturally, the electricity cost will be affected when your equipment saves energy. 

In the long run, using less electricity saves time and money. This feature makes them the best since it combines with their primary benefit of being the best way to store more ingredients and excellent food products.

  1. Long-Lasting & durable. 

For the establishment's customers, meals are continuously made throughout the day in an industrial restaurant or kitchen setup. It indicates that commercial cooler doors are opened more frequently than in a typical home. Therefore, every food outlet needs a durable cooler that can withstand repeated usage. In this case, commercial coolers are the best option. 

These appliances have more substantial, durable hinges that can withstand a large kitchen's daily rigors and pressure. These machines are also designed to last a very long time.


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